Friday, August 27, 2010

A letter to the MTA

Dear MTA,

It is with great concern that I compose this. Hearing this week that there are thoughts of charging 130 dollars for a monthly metro card starting in January completely floored me. 130 dollars!?

Now... I understand this game. You say an outrageous price and then when you really make it 104 we're "happy and grateful" that it's anything other than the outrageous 130 you previously suggested. But here's the thing... even 104 is a bit extreme. Why is it you're raising prices but firing people? How come we keep paying more but getting less? I can't possibly be the only one whose noticed that the service has actually gotten worse over the past few years.

And let's discuss this dear MTA... I rode the Staten Island ferry tonight for FREE. I know what you're thinking... who in their right mind would ever go to Staten Island by choice. Consequently, I just wanted to be on the water for an hour with a great view of the city. However, it's mass transportation that's pretty decently run (with the exception of a rare accident every now and then) AND... again... it's free.

You're getting it wrong MTA. Stop over charging us. Stop raising prices. Stop trying to take money from the little man who depends on the subway to get to their minimum wage job which barely gives them enough money to pay for rent and food for their families. We're all strapped for cash and this is just not the way to go about it. Find another solution because if this goes through and our rates are raised to 130... I'm personally going to rally every New Yorker to start jumping the turnstiles. I'm pretty sure with the amount of people you keep firing that there's no way you'll have the man power to catch us all.

Signed with sincere annoyance,

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