Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Take Picture?

Alright. So... tonight after my work out I took my usual walk out to the peer to watch the water and contemplate life. As I'm starring at the water thinking of what was, what is, and what can be I was rudely interrupted by a couple clearly from a different country and a camera. "Take picture?".... "Yea" I say... when I'm really thinking "well now that you've shoved your camera in my hand do I really have an effing choice?"

Now here's the thing. When I see someone with headphones on and looking... thoughtful... that to me is code to leave them alone. And please please don't mistake me. I'm not complaining in the least about taking pictures for people. I actually volunteer to do it all the time and it's given me some memorable moments in the city. But this was on my terms. So to reiterate... I'm not complaining...I'm just... stating how I feel in a snarky way. :-)

Tourist... take a note. When you see people with headphones on, don't bother them. When you see people looking out at the water lost in their own world... leave them alone. If they want to take your picture... they'll offer. It's that simple. Also, when you choose to not take my advice and selfishly interrupt these individuals anyway ... the very least you could do is say please and thank you rather than shoving your camera into their hands and after the picture is taken grab it right back and walk away exchanging no niceties. Having to do something you don't want to do is bad enough... it's that much worse when rudeness is involved. Honestly, courtesy is everything... and not being nice about it kind of goes above and beyond the interruption. Appreciation is everything... regardless of whether or not I wanted to help you out. So next time, be aware, be nice and say thanks. All just suggestions... but good ones none the less.

Class dismissed.



Pat said...

Think that the best way to avoid that is just to hang a "Do Not Disturb" sign around your neck!!

Cristina said...

haha... thanks, Mom!