Thursday, August 19, 2010

Yankees Game!!!

Finally after over 4 years of living in the city I attended my very first Yankee game!!! It was of course totally amazing and everything I thought it would be... lots of fun watching men in tights swinging bats and hitting balls. :-) The tickets were provided courtesy of my brother who always seems to have the hookup... and the seats were great! Section 225, row 2... right by third base.

We started off in the Yankee Store where we got some official merchandise from the park (because really... ya have to do that). After that we spent some time walking around the new stadium, which is totally beautiful by the way. They had lots of old pictures and memorabilia around and the atmosphere was just bursting with positive energy and excitement.

After walking around the stadium, and some insistence by moi, we headed over to Lobels to get what was quoted to us as the best place to grab a steak sandwich. Truth be told, it wasn't half bad! :-) They cut and took care of the meat right in front of your eyes which I guess given the amount of people who could fit into a stadium they probably have to do.

When we got to our outstanding seats there were a few signs there that caused a bit of concern...

... we didn't get hit by either... but got close to catching a few foul balls! :-)

A few things about this game in particular that you should know. First of all, it was against the Detroit Tigers who managed to get a home run on pitch number one. It was kind of a buzz kill... but CC managed to pull it all together after that. We won, of course which was great considering the Yankees lost the previous two.
Secondly, my camera kind of loved Derek Jeter. I realize how cliche this is... but cut me some slack... it was my first game and I was in a great position for some awesome butt shots!

Thirdly, the Yankees honored a woman who each game hops on the subway from Queens and makes her way to the stadium all the way up in the Bronx all by herself. This seemingly ordinary act was extraordinary because she's blind. So that day, Yankee players met her at her door as a surprise and escorted her to the stadium. She seemed incredibly sweet and absolutely thrilled that they did that for her. And lastly, we sat next to Detoit Tigers player number 26 Brennan Boesch's mom. She was also really sweet... but incredibly worried for her son. Apparently he hasn't been playing so hot and after he would go up to bat if he didn't hit the ball she'd quickly disappear only to reappear just before he went up to bat again. It was touching. I loved that she cared so much and really just put her entire self into him during the few hours he was on the field. I wish I could contact him to tell him it was an honor meeting her and what a wonderful woman I thought she was... but alas finding his contact information or even his facebook page was difficult. And this is coming from a professional facebook hunter!

To sum it all up, the game was wonderful... but in truth the time spent with my brother was priceless. It's been way too long since I've seen my family, so to have him up here for even a short amount of time was perfectly timed! Hopefully soon I'll be visiting home and seeing everyone again... but until then I'll continue my journey here happily experiencing all that New York has to offer!

*Please note that there will be a video of all the pictures to come soon-- I'm having difficulty with the program but as soon as I can fix it the vid will be posted! Also, for those of you who are my facebook friends all my pictures will be posted as well*

Here's a quicky video of the stadium:

7th inning stretch!

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