Monday, July 26, 2010

A quicky update

Simply because Christina requested it (love and miss you!)... and because i have the time... i wanted to do a quicky update.
Ecuador is pretty awesome although I have to say that Ive been doing things that I´ve never really done in my life before... etc work with just about every type of animal shit you can imagine. Needless to say it´s been interesting. I think the best part has been the company and the food (shocking right?). I´d love to write more but there´s just so much to do and so little time left. In one week we´ll all be back in the states which I´m sure will be accompanied by a bit of culture shock. Going from a little tiny electric free house in Ecuador to the city that never sleeps is gonna be crazy. BUT... ill be happy to have a bed, toilet and great shower once again.

Love and miss you all and can´t wait to add pictures next week!!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

I´m in South America... it´s like America... but South!!!

Hey everyone!!! After three flights, no sleep, and barely any food... we´ve all arrived safely in Ecuador! It´s quite chilly here... at least not the 100 degrees that I´ve been used to in NY over the past few weeks. We´re saying at the cutest hostel for a night or so and then it´s off to the farm! Anyway... lots of stories to come... I just wanted to let everyone know that we made it and we´re so excited for this adventure!!!!!

love to all!

Monday, July 12, 2010

I'm too excited to sleep!

The time has dwindled down and at last I am a mere 5 days away from my vacation! This time next week... I'll be in Ecuador having an experience unlike any I've ever had before! Hostels, dorms, tents, and all... including a very exclusive stay at an organic farm for two weeks which amenities include... well okay... there are no amenities. Actually there's not really any electric there and they have a compost toilet (yea..I can't wait to learn about that one)... and... oh yea... I'm volunteering with them while I'm there. BUT... the view will be gorgeous... the atmosphere will be uplifting and the people will be graciously sweet and amazing. I'm very excited, eager, anxious, nervous... you name it! I think the only thing I'm worried about is not eating meat for two weeks. However, I have a funny feeling that my body will thank me for the break.

When I think about this trip I feel they'll be something liberating about not having my phone, e-mail, and facebook at the tip of my fingers 24 hours a day. They'll be something magical about having time for yoga and meditation without a set schedule of somewhere to be. It's just me time (with a little time set aside to help the kind people out on the farm).

Hopefully we'll all make our way to some volcanoes... maybe even the Galapagos! Rest assured... I'll be taking plenty of pictures and will most likely blog about it when I either have internet access or when I get back! :-)

Anyway family... just thought I'd share their website with you and with luck I'll be coming back rejuvenated, refreshed, and ready to tackle my life head on, full force and with loads of vigor and passion!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What Makes A New Yorker?

In three days I'll happily be celebrating my 4 year anniversary living in the city that never sleeps. Naturally, this momentous occasion contributes to my curious nature. What makes a person a New Yorker?

My perception on this topic has gone through a few transformations. At first, I claimed the city simply by saying I lived here and that's enough to make me a New Yorker. Alas, that wasn't enough. Yelling at cabs, flipping off the drivers and going as far as to hit their cars on the hood if they attempted to drive in front of me when I have the walk sign was my next move. Certainly, it was done many many times (and still is today). That contributed to my New Yorkness.

Riding the subway and body checking people who try and get on before you get off.
Ordering grocery delivery well past midnight.
Helping give directions or yelling at tourists who insist on stopping right in front of me as I'm walking.
Loving pizza and walking across Brooklyn Bridge to hit that ice cream place and go to Jacque Torres.
Wearing high heals on streets marked with put holes.
Hating Times Square but loving the West VIllage.
Broadway, Off-Broadway, off-off broadway...

The qualities are obviously extensive... but given the recent days of heat which have been far worse than anything I ever experienced in South Florida... my brain can only produce this mini-list. Suffice it to say... the biggest thing I've learned is that New Yorkers are seriously misunderstood people. We're not mean. We're not rude. We have this horribly bad rap all around the world yet when I talk to tourists they constantly tell me how nice New Yorkers are. When they say this to me I always reply by saying "New Yorkers are only mean and rude to people who are psycho or stupid". This undoubtedly always gets a laugh... but in all seriousness... it's 100% true.

I'm proud to be a New Yorker. I'm proud to have had the life lessons that New York and New York alone could give me along with the experiences that could only take place here. The Naked Cowboy, Shakespeare in the Park, Fireworks from several different barges, 150 people doing Yoga in Bryant Park... More importantly... I'm exceedingly happy to make it official!

Happy Anniversary, New York. I love you!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

There are no words...

There's a saying... something about it's not final till it's etched in stone. I never really understood that until now. I have no words. Just pictures and a solemn and saddened heart.

It should be noted that dads gravestone is appropriately the only one of it's kind in the entire cemetery... I guess we wanted to make sure that he was always the center of attention.