Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How could I forget!?

I can't believe I forgot to add this in...

From the moment we arrived on the farm and they learned that our group was comprised of singers and a puppeteer they pretty much demanded a puppet show. So as our gift to them... we gave them one the night before we left! Thanks to our puppet master, Margot... we did a shadow puppet show to the tune of "free falling". The lyrics of course were adapted by myself with the help of Margot while we harvested in the field that day. Sarah Grace helped Margot with the images and Trevor played the guitar and helped me with singing. Unfortunately, no one took a video... however I do have the lyrics which I'm proudly sharing below. The people on the farm loved it... and performing it for them at the end of our stay was perfecto!

It's a good farm
Lots of people
From the States
France & Australia too
It's a good farm
Lots of plants, chickens and pigs
No horses
So donkeys will have to do

Now we're free
Free farming
Now we're free
Free Farming

It's a good farm
Lots of good cooking
But no bacon
Meat or cheese too
We make it up by
Eating lots of beans
They start of great
Until we digest them and they don't want to go all the way through

Now we're free
Free farting
Now we're free
Free farting

We will miss you
Your cheeriness and laughter
Delphine singing
And Tierra calling us doctora too
Te Adoro
Todos los buenos cuentos
Y claro
Las pequinas senioritas tambien

And you'll be
With us always
And you'll be
With us always

The End.

The other thing I wanted to share is our toilet rules. As most of you know by now... we had a composting toilet. These are the rules that were put up for us and I just had to laugh out loud at them.

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-Trev said...

Hey Diva. Thanks for posting the lyrics. Now they will live on forever.