Thursday, August 12, 2010

That's what friends are for...

I am a lucky girl. Seriously. To have the friends that I have... well to be honest I consider myself truly blessed when it comes to the friend department.

Since I've been back in the country there has been a bit of an onslaught of disappointments in my life. I arrived kind of sick thanks to the South American water, my current job won't allow me to work until I'm cleared from said sickness, a job that I completely thought I had in the bag after 3 different interviews with them fell through... I wanted it really badly... and... well a few other things that just have left me rendered speechless and saying things like "why" and "that makes absolutely no sense". Few of you know what I'm referring to here. Suffice it to say... my week has been pretty shitty.

When my good friend Christina found out about my current state she took it upon herself to spice up my life with a scavenger hunt. To top it off... she created a blog, list of requirements, and 25 things for me to do in the city by January. I'm super excited about it. Some of them are things that I've already done before... but who cares!? It'll be worth it to do them again.
Anyway... the link for that particular blog is listed below. I'll be starting my adventure this weekend so keep it on your radar!

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northernsoutherngirl said...

I think you're a pretty awesome friend, myself! I can't wait to see what all you do and read the posts!