Friday, June 20, 2008

My Happy Place.

Even now, as I sit here almost one week since the Tony Awards were on and watch the video of Gypsy posted on my previous post, I am overwhelmed with inspiration.  That, and goose bumps.  I can't watch that video without a case of those!  

Watching the Tony's, going to see a show, or even listening to a Broadway album put me in the same state of mind that I'm in when I perform.  It's that place where the sky is the limit, and for once your brain has shut up.  If you're like me, which most performers are (I think), there is a constant record of "crap, what are the words" or "OMG this is awful" flowing through your head.  However, when I'm doing it right, when I'm truly living in the moment, within the circumstance of the song or scene, and in the world of the play, silence takes over... and it's absolute bliss!  While each Tony performance was on, and a few of the speeches (the really emotional ones), I was at peace in "my place".  The feeling is indescribable.  The only thing I know about it, is that I want more.  

It's funny what happens as you get older and go through different phases of your life.  When I got my bachelors degree, I'm positive that this "place" was something that I only experienced once.  Sad, right?  It was for a show called Pippin and I played the character named Catherine.  Through her, I had my first experience with what happens when you find this person you're trying to portray.  I'm not saying that I was in this place each performance.  I know for a fact I wasn't.  Looking at it all now, the only thing that my Bachelors degree was good for was friendship and quite a few life lessons.  Now that I'm at NYU, the difference in my approach to performing has changed drastically and I'm so grateful for that!  

Last Tuesday, I got to see Christine Ebersol perform at the Barnes & Noble at Lincoln Center.  The thing I love about this city is that it offers experiences like this to the people who live here... and it's free!  It was only for a half hour, but for that period of time, I was of course in my place.  She was incredible!  Her voice is impeccable.  And her acting?  What a wonderful display of talent!  Watching her get prepared for each song was amazing... definitely something to learn from there!  

Below is her Tony performance of Grey Gardens, the show that earned her the Tony for Best Actress last year.  Musically, her voice is much prettier than what's portrayed here, however I couldn't resist putting this song up because I have a friend whose day I know this will make!  

...Da da da DA dum....

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