Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Indeed, I doo!

So, for those of you who don't know me, I'm currently job hunting. Looking for a job in New York City is the exact equivalent to finding love in New York City... close to impossible.  Not to say that finding love here would be impossible. Doubtless there are a rare few who have.   But let's face it.  The majority of the men here who take your breath away are either gay, married, or straight and totally arrogant which if ya didn't know boys... is a complete turn off!  But...I'm digressing...

I spend countless hours online during the day looking for possible employment, writing cover letters to match the job descriptions and companies, and sending them my resume.  It's a real picker upper in my life!  Needless to say, a girl needs a break from all that self-deprecation.  So I do a little web-surfing. 

Now, I'm no spring chicken.  Understandably, there are people in this world who have their obsessions.  Some people are fixated with reality TV, others are preoccupied with sports, and some are object enthusiasts for example...watches (uh-hem).  

But... really...?  

Please don't think I'm passing judgement on this little nugget I encountered.  Actually, I find it very amusing and will probably visit the site often.  In fact, in honor of my discovery (and for all my musical theatre loving friends), I've added a video as a tribute to the creators of the site. 

Thanks for promoting the topic that binds all beings together!  


Anonymous said...

That song was awesomne!!!!

Anonymous said...

If there was ever an example of you being a product of having two older brothers - this is it!

unlatinlatinaluvr143 said...

I mean, come on, no need to be picky with a job - I mean if you go to Goldrush, Tootsies, etc. and places of that type, they always are hiring!