Sunday, June 8, 2008

Brokeback Mountain...the opera?

Yes, my friends.  Tis, true!  And of course, no other venue would be appropriate for such a venture as our very own New York City Opera!  

Speechless, does not suffice...

Although, to be honest with you, I do think the story merits the drama and tragedy that most operas thrive off of.  However, I wonder what will happen to those controversial sex scenes?  That, and I hardly think it's fair for the horses to be waiting in the wings for their moment on stage.  Will they get paid as ensemble members or featured actors?  

This is all reminding me of a very funny conversation I had with some friends.  Someone slipped and instead of saying brokeback mountain they said bareback mountain.  Me...being the girl I am responded in my best movie trailer voice replied "Bareback mountain---what happens when there's no lube".  

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Nieves Veliz said...

Wow! Well, the NYC Opera is the appropriate place for such an endeavor. Lets hope the prop peeps have enough Astroglide on hand.. I can hear the bottoms squealing already!