Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Holding out for a home life

THIS is what it's all about. It's about rolling in the grass and getting licked in the face by your favorite dog. It's about playing pirate ship and figuring out where to hang the flag. It's about making her laugh while she eats her noodles, following him to play in his room and getting pulled in two directions by children who want you to spend time only with them. It's about having chocolate milk spilt on you and painting a picture together, readings stories at night and helping them take baths. It's about driving long distance in your car with all the windows down, hair blowing with the wind and blaring the music as loud as it can go... singing along and not caring that other people are watching. It's about receiving a hug that is the comfort and answer to everything wrong in life.

No matter how bad it seems, how hard it gets, how many pillars are down and how hope threatens to disappear... home is what makes it better and it is good to be here. It's good to feel the love from these kids and enjoy driving again. it's good to have the type of warm weather that only South Florida can have (not so much the humidity though... that doesn't make for good hair days). It's just good... and enjoying this trip will be pretty easy.

Cherish your home life kids... that's my lesson of the day. Hug, love, and laugh often!

Class dismissed.


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