Monday, September 6, 2010


And here's why...

So as most of you know my summer job has consisted of working in a restaurant/bar that's actually pretty upscale. Not crazy upscale like $100 per person but you can definitely spend a lot of money if you eat a full course meal plus drinks. (the views are also amazing). Anyway, I'm not going to sit here and act as if I'm the most amazing server in the business... I'm definitely not. BUT... I'm not bad at it... I'd venture to say that I'm pretty good. People have a good time with me... I make them laugh and help them feel welcomed and do my best not to desert them even if every one of my tables is full.

Now here's what gets me. When I do have full tables and I'm running around like a chicken that's head is lost because the bar tenders are behind in making my drinks or the kitchen is taking FOREVER to get the food out... it doesn't mean I've forgotten you... it means I'm doing everything in my power to get you whatever it is you ordered as fast as possible. So stop giving me stink eye!

The real reason I wanted to write this though is not because of the amount of stink eye I get from rich, spoiled wives of financial center men who have no control over their kids and make my job a living hell. No... that's not it at all. It's because of the lack of tipping that mostly comes from my friendly international visitors. I understand how horribly cliche and known this already is. "Internationals don't know how to tip" isn't exactly the newest idea of the century. However, given my circumstances in my summer position where I'm depending solely on the income of this job to pay my rent... it sheds a new light to how frustrated I get when I'm encountered with International people who give me a 5 dollar tip on a 95 dollar check, a 2 dollar tip on a 79 dollar check or a 6 dollar tip on a 60 dollar check (obviously that was the best one). For each of these tables the service was absolutely 20% tip worthy.

For those of you who didn't know... the word TIPS stands for To Insure Prompt Service of which you will always get at my restaurant. So foreigners... try and remember that TIPS in America means 15-20%... if you don't comply with these rules I can guarantee you you'll receive what I have newly dubbed SHITSS: Sneaky Hot-headed Italians Taking/Stealing your Shit.

Class dismissed. Bastardos.

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