Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Way too excited to sleep!

It's 3 days until the beginning of the journey of a lifetime! 3 seemingly short days however they're creeping by as slowly as they possibly could. I'm thinking they're doing this to me on purpose... spitefully making the hours and minutes tick by at a more relaxed pace rather than the way they normally go by. I'm convinced that Time is taunting me. Placing the bait of Friday elusively in front of me and then saying "ah ah ah" as if I'm a child going after the forbidden cookie jar. Except in this case... Europe is my cookie jar.

Europe! I honestly can't believe it and most likely won't believe it until we make our way to the apartment in Paris and even then I'm unsure if it will properly sink in. We'll be seeing so many countries and experiencing new cultures, new atmospheres, new people and most importantly... new food. Everyone keeps asking me what I'm most looking forward to and each time that's been asked the answer is always the same... the food! I can't wait to eat Pastries in Paris, Schnitzel in Germany and Pizza and Gelato in Italy! Of course I'm positive our other destinations will have incredible food as well and even more so I'm sure I'll be making a list and taking pictures of whatever I devour. I'm hoping not to come back 20 pounds heavier... with all the walking we'll be doing I'm thinking that won't be an issue but even if it is... who cares!? I'm going to EUROPE!

While away I'll be doing my best to update the blog. My thoughts are that I'll have the time in between countries while on the road to type experiences up and put them online for you all to see. I will most definitely miss NYC while I'm gone. Slightly ironic enough my very good friend Margot is actually spending the month of June in NY and if you know Margot then you know that this is unheard of. So I'm sad to be missing her time here and I'm hoping she'll go do summer NY things for me while I'm away! There is nothing like summer time in the city! Shakespeare in the park, movies at Battery Park, movies on the intrepid, kayaking on the Hudson and horseback riding in Prospect Park. We really do have it all here! But... c'est la vie right? I'm going to EUROPE!

So I suppose Au revoir for now!!!


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