Monday, July 12, 2010

I'm too excited to sleep!

The time has dwindled down and at last I am a mere 5 days away from my vacation! This time next week... I'll be in Ecuador having an experience unlike any I've ever had before! Hostels, dorms, tents, and all... including a very exclusive stay at an organic farm for two weeks which amenities include... well okay... there are no amenities. Actually there's not really any electric there and they have a compost toilet (yea..I can't wait to learn about that one)... and... oh yea... I'm volunteering with them while I'm there. BUT... the view will be gorgeous... the atmosphere will be uplifting and the people will be graciously sweet and amazing. I'm very excited, eager, anxious, nervous... you name it! I think the only thing I'm worried about is not eating meat for two weeks. However, I have a funny feeling that my body will thank me for the break.

When I think about this trip I feel they'll be something liberating about not having my phone, e-mail, and facebook at the tip of my fingers 24 hours a day. They'll be something magical about having time for yoga and meditation without a set schedule of somewhere to be. It's just me time (with a little time set aside to help the kind people out on the farm).

Hopefully we'll all make our way to some volcanoes... maybe even the Galapagos! Rest assured... I'll be taking plenty of pictures and will most likely blog about it when I either have internet access or when I get back! :-)

Anyway family... just thought I'd share their website with you and with luck I'll be coming back rejuvenated, refreshed, and ready to tackle my life head on, full force and with loads of vigor and passion!

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