Sunday, June 6, 2010

Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork...

As it's the end of the school year my room is inevitably full of paper work. What better day to go through it all then today... a day where for the first time in the past 4 years I've lived here we're under a tornado warning. I think it's pretty safe to say I'm not going outside.

Going through paper work always leaves me with a nostalgic feeling. To see the journey of where we began to now through sign in sheets and lesson plans each of them barring their own significant memories. Times like when my middle schoolers spent entire clubs practicing for a performance only to have it cancelled because of a snow storm. Days catered to getting that one boy who never participated (but always showed up) to be an active member of club. Apparently, the key there was to bring in lots of stage combat... who would have thought fake fighting was the way to his heart. Clubs spent discussing violence in neighborhoods, bullying, suicide and sex with energetic teenage girls whose opinions were very strong and shockingly diverse. Rounding out the year with such an eclectic array of lessons and time spent with these young people definitely makes it perfectly understandable as to why I'm a bit tired. No need to fret there... my much anticipated vacation is mere 5 weeks away!

While going through the mountain of papers in my room I came across a poem written by one of my teenagers. At the time, I remember being so touched by her words and how they closely relate to the reasons behind the work I do, that I asked her to give me a copy. Hidden in between sign in sheets I found it once again and I feel it's so beautiful and thought provoking that it's worth sharing with the blog world. And by blog world I basically mean my family because I have no doubt that they're the only ones reading this. :-)

It's title is "In The Eyes of a Lost Child" and although I don't feel safe leaving the name of the young lady who wrote it... in order to give her credit I've simply put her initials below the work. Certainly, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do and maybe it'll inspire you in the same ways it inspires me.


Looking from the eyes of a lost child
Who needs warmth and wisdom to guide them
What do they do?
Hardships and struggles are on their mind
No love, no family, no memories are placed in sight
They're lost
In a world that is hard to cope with
But they're strong
They keep taking the beatings of life
No dreams, no hopes, no future
Where am I? one would say
Where am I going? another would say
Every day they wake up not knowing
If they'll make it to another day
It's either the hunger will kill them,
The loneliness,
Or the burning passion of hate growing inside them
Can't cry anymore?
All their tears have dried
Can't they save themselves?
Who knows?
Can you?
Of course you can
But will you?
Now that's up to you
But always remember...
To try to look through the eyes of a lost child...


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