Monday, October 18, 2010

"I'm Gay"

Okay... not really. But here's the thing. Recently, I re-watched the Kevin Kline movie "In & Out". For those of you who don't know, it's a film about a man who is set to be married and the weekend before the wedding he realizes that he's gay. He comes out at his wedding. His wife-to-be is furious, his parents look confused and hurt and everyone seems like they're in shock. Along with that, he gets fired from his teaching job, something he obviously loves doing. There's a scene in this film where the school explains that he was fired because he came out and the community doesn't want a gay teacher. Then... the most amazing part of the film... everyone in the room, one at a time, start to stand up and say "I'm gay" including his parents. The acceptance and love that the entire community showed for him was incredibly touching... loving him for who he is not what he is.

In all honesty... it made me wonder. Why can't we all just stand up for our gay friends instead of treating them like they're so different? Why do we have to look at anyone who is different in any way and not accept them? Why is there this idea of what's normal or perfect that we're all supposed to live up to? That's too much pressure for any one of us to put on ourselves. So why do it? Why can't we all just look at each other and see the human being, the soul, the spirit that each of us has? To no longer see race, class, disability or sexual preference but to see the person who is inside. Why can't we just do that? What the hell is everyone so fearful of?

Easier said than done...I get that. But if standing up for my gay friends means that I have to say I'm gay even though I'm not.. then so be it. If that's the way to get ignorant people to open their eyes and stop trying to change someone because they don't agree with their lifestyle then so be it. And if that's the way to spread a message of loving each other as human beings then that's right... you guessed it.. so be it.

I've attached a video below about gay marriage that I recently put on my facebook account. It's pretty vulgar so beware... but the message is good. I'm tired of people saying what's right for another person when they don't understand what that person may be going through. I'm sick of hearing what people believe is right by God... ALL humans are loved and accepted by God... no matter what they represent.

To all my gay friends... this ones for you. Thanks for staying true to who you are and not being ashamed of it!

Class dismiss.

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